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2023-03-10 10:10:00

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Technologies are designed to make things easier. One of these inventions is SBM-100 banknote banding machine.

Do you know how is banknote banding is usually being processed? This work is mostly performed by two employees who share counting and banding duties. With SBM-100 the process is much easier, faster and effective. The machine has an automatic pushing and printing device. All these indicators make it unique in its segment and also combines the processes that are usually performed by different people.

While in traditional devices money counting and sealing, time and date stamping is carried out by two people, with this device, labor costs can be halved. And when it comes to the speed, the maximum number of manual banding cycles in a minute is around 6, SBM-100 performs 12 banding cycles including the printing process.

As a result, an operator wastes less time on the process, - he or she can easily watch the counting process and simultaneously without any effort the banding process.

One operator - two tasks done at the same time.